C/C++ Memory profiler

MTuner is the best tool for memory profiling.

Track memory usage, find memory leaks, know the origin of every byte!

  • High performance

Profile your application with minimal impact on run-time performance. MTuner can handle large number of allocations per second with linear performance scaling.

  • Memory timeline graph

Novel visualisation of memory usage evolution in your application. See memory usage peaks and find out what is causing them. All in an easy to use intuitive interface.

  • Filtered views

Filter allocations by timeline selection, allocation size or memory tag. Using filtering, narrow down quickly the source of allocations of interest.

  • Non intrusive

MTuner performs no internal allocations during profiling. This allows it to catch all allocations, even coming from CRT init phase or global variables.

  • Instrumentation API

Using custom memory manager? Want to mark timed events in your application? Need custom tags for allocations? Use the MTuner SDK!

  • Continuous integration

Want to track changes in memory usage daily? Maybe even after every check-in? No problem - MTuner comes with full support for command line based instrumentation and profiling!

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