C/C++ Memory profiler

MTuner - memory profiler and leak finder for Win, PS4, PS3...

Track memory usage, find memory leaks, know the origin of every byte!

High performance

Profile applications with minimal impact on run-time performance. MTuner can handle large number of allocations per second with linear performance scaling.

Memory timeline graph

A new way to visualize memory usage evolution in your application. Find spikes in memory usage or allocation count - all in an easy to use intuitive interface.

Filtered views

Filter allocations by time range, heap, allocation size or memory tag and quickly narrow down sources of allocations of interest. For more info see filtering page.

Non intrusive

MTuner makes no internal memory allocations during profiling. This allows MTuner to capture all allocations, even coming from CRT init phase or global vars.

MTuner SDK

For developers using a custom memory manager or developers that want to mark timed events or add custom allocation tags and much more - MTuner SDK provides complete control!

Continuous integration

MTuner can help developers track changes in memory usage on a daily basis or even after every check-in! MTuner comes with full support for command line based instrumentation and profiling.

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