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MTuner documentation - getting started

Profiling your application

If you are running on Windows operating system profiling is a very simple process, assuming you have debug symbol sources properly set up. Developers using Microsoft Visual C++ can get started by simply dragging the executable to either an open instance of MTuner or to MTuner’s desktop icon. A new process will automatically be launched and profiling will immediately start. Once your application is running, MTuner will keep recording the memory operation data while you continue to use your application as you otherwise would. When you quit the application MTuner will automatically load the profiling data and you can start inspecting your profile. This means that you can profile Visual Studio applications within seconds after MTuner is installed.

Profiling applications built with GCC or Clang

Software built with GCC or Clang has debug symbols normally stored within executable. To resolve the symbols MTuner needs to be able to locate the appropriate binutils (nm, addr2line and c++filt). For more information on configuring the GCC based toolchains please see the GCC toolchains page. Using drag & drop for MinGW executables will work equally well, loading symbol for each binary separately. In case of using the instrumentation API, applications should be started manually and once the execution is finished a *.MTuner (capture) file will be stored in the working directory.

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