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MTuner documentation - supported compilers and platforms

Supported compilers

You can profile any native Windows application with MTuner. However, in order to fully analyse the profiles, MTuner needs to be able to read and understand debug symbols.

MTuner was initially developed supporting Microsoft VC++ compiler and PDB symbol format. Additionally, when debug symbols are not found MTuner will attempt to download and cache them, given that symbol servers are properly configured.

In addition to VC++, MTuner works with GCC and Clang based cross compilers. This, however, is only supported through manual instrumentation or link time wrapping of allocation functions. MTuner has been successfully used with cross compilers for several game consoles.

The overview section provides an introduction to MTuner, it’s features and system requirements.

Supported platforms

MTuner supports Windows, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 out of the box. Additionally, any platform with GCC or Clang based cross compiler can easily be supported with a little extra work. Instrumentation API comes with full source code which means it’s a matter of porting a few routines to get it up and running on additional platforms.

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