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MTuner documentation - system requirements

Recommended configuration

MTuner works best with a modern multi-core processor and reasonably large amount of RAM. Unlike other tools, MTuner keeps entire history of memory operations in memory, including their relationship. This increases the memory consumption but provides unmatched flexibility when it comes to inspecting data. With this in mind, 8GB of RAM will be sufficient for many applications but the more memory system has the less of an impact to overall system performance MTuner will have. Having an SSD drive will further boost performance.

Example of a good configuration:

  • Core i7 or better CPU
  • 16 GB of RAM or more
  • SSD
  • Even with lower system specs you may have very good profiling experience with MTuner, it all depends on the application being profiled. The best is to just try it!

    Other requirements

    Additionally, MTuner requires user privileges that are sufficient for a call to CreateRemoteThread() Windows API function. Generally, Administrator or Power User user profiles have the required privileges. Other user types can be easily modified to allow proper operation of MTuner – the privilege required is “Debug Programs (SE_DEBUG_NAME)”.

    Please note that user privilege restriction applies only to non-instrumented profiling. Applications that are using MTuner SDK can be profiled regardless of user privilege level.

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