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MTuner documentation - user interface

The user interface section describes all elements of MTuner user interface in detail. Besides describing individual UI elements, this section also explains the purpose and usage for each UI element. Below you can find the index of UI related topics.

  • Main menu
    Describes each of the main menu items and describes their function.
  • Main toolbar
    Provides description of the buttons on the main toolbar.
  • Histogram view
    Describes the histogram view and what information can be extracted from it.
  • Statistics
    Full explanation of all items in the statistics window.
  • Stack trace and source
    Guide to using the stack trace and source code view.
  • Capture view
    This section is an overview of the UI representing one loaded set of profile data. Since there are multiple views for each profile there are sub-sections explaining each of them.
  • Tag tree
    Describes the tag tree view and what it can do for you.
  • Heaps / Allocators
    Lists all used heaps during the lifetime of the application.

In the screenshot below you can see the high level breakdown of UI elements.

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