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MTuner documentation - capture view

Capture view

For each of the loaded captures (*.MTuner), a new tab will be added to the central area of MTuner. The contents of the tab are a number of visualisations of the captured data, each meant to provide an easy access to certain type of information. Below is the list of currently supported visualisations along with their brief description:

  • Operations
    A list of all memory operations in the capture coupled with search capabilities.
  • Grouped view
    List representing memory operations grouped by stack trace providing an easy access to high level information.
  • Stack tree
    Hierarchical representation of all memory activity in the application. All the stack traces are added to a tree structure showing the relative memory usage per allocation source.
  • Tree map
    Tree map visualisation allows to quickly identify the source of biggest memory consumers in the applications.
  • Hotspots
    Hotspots view displays a quick summary of places in code with memory operation activity/problems.

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