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MTuner documentation - grouped view

Grouped view

The grouped view is showing a higher level of operations list by grouping memory operations based on their stack trace. This provides an easy way to identify a number of problems that may be of interest.

  • Type
    Type of the memory operation. One of the following: alloc, aligned alloc, realloc, aligned realloc or free.
  • Heap
    Handle of the heap used for allocations.
  • Block size
    Size of the memory block, in bytes. Free operations inherit the size from the operations they release.
  • Total count
    Number of memory operations in the group.
  • Live peak count
    Maximum number of memory blocks that were allocated at some point.
  • Alignment
    Alignment of the memory block, as specified by memory operation.
  • Size
    Total amount of memory that is still allocated by the memory group.
  • Peak size
    Maximum amount of memory that was used by the memory group at some point.
  • Leaked
    Size of the leaked memory.

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