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MTuner documentation - debug symbols

Setting up debug symbols

This dialog is used to set up the sources of PDB debug symbols. Without PDB symbols, MTuner will be unable to resolve the stack traces captured during profiling so it is vital to set up the symbol servers for VC++ based applications. More details on PDB symbol files can be found on MSDN web site.

MTuner will detect if _NT_SYMBOL_PATH environment variable is set on the machine and enable the check box if this is the case.

There are different ways to specify paths for a symbol server, namely:

  • For a symbol server on the Internet
  • For a symbol server on your local network
  • For a symbol server on your local computer

Please note that MTuner allows specifying multiple symbol server sources (Public store), separated by semicolon. The Local store path will cache the PDB symbols locally. Downloading symbol files will happen during loading of capture files if they located on symbol servers; this may prolong the loading of the capture file depending on your connection to the symbol servers.

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