C/C++ memory profiler

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MTuner documentation - main menu


  • Open
    Open a capture file. Capture files are created during profiling and have a .MTuner extension.
  • Close
    Closes a capture file that is currently active. This item is disabled if there is no capture loaded or start page is active.
  • Exit
    Quits MTuner.


  • Debug symbols
    Opens a dialog used for configuring PDB debug symbol servers. For more information visit the debug symbols page.
  • External editor
    Opens a dialog used to configure external text editor that can be launched from source code view. For more information visit the external editor page.
  • Manage projects
    Opens a dialog used to manage projects. For more information visit the manage projects page.
  • GCC toolchains
    Opens a dialog for configuring custom GCC based toolchains. For more information visit the GCC toolchains page.


The language menu contains of a list of languages MTuner is localized to. We will be adding more languages in the future. If you feel like contributing then please contact us!


  • Timeline
    Shows or hides the memory timeline window.
  • Statistics
    Shows or hides the statistics window.
  • Histograms
    Shows or hides the histograms window.
  • Tag Tree
    Shows or hides tag tree window.
  • Heaps / Allocators
    Shows or hides heaps / allocators window.


  • Contents
    Starts the default browser and opens the documentation page.
  • Check for updates
    Starts an asynchronous check for new version of MTuner. If a new build is available, user will be presented with an option to download it.
  • About
    Opens the About dialog box.

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