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MTuner documentation - statistics

Statistics view

Statistics, as the name implies, provide a quick overview of the important values of a capture. There are two columns: global and snapshot. Global represents the statistics on the entire timeline and snapshot displays statistics of the selected time slice. The snapshot column is dynamically updated during the selection in the memory timeline.

Below you can find more details about each of the rows:

  • Usage
    The amount of memory used, in bytes, at the end of the time slice. This is basically unreleased memory and for global column represents the amount of leaked memory.
  • Usage peak
    Represents peak memory usage, in bytes.
  • Operations
    Total number of memory operations.
  • Allocations
    Number of allocations, this includes both regular and aligned allocations.
  • Reallocations
    Number of reallocations.
  • Frees
    Number of released memory blocks.
  • Live blocks
    Number of memory blocks that are live at the end of time slice.
  • Overhead
    Memory allocation overhead, in bytes, at the end of time slice.
  • Overhead peak
    Maximum memory allocation overhead, in bytes.

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