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MTuner documentation - main toolbar

MTuner main toolbar

Below you can find the brief explanation of functionality for each of the main toolbar buttons:

  • Open capture (*.MTuner)
    Opens a captured file. Capture files (*.MTuner) are recorded during profiling and contain all the data needed for analysis.
  • Manage projects
    Opens a project management dialog. Projects are sets of executable, working directory and command line options. For more information visit manage projects page.
  • Debug symbol sources setting
    Opens a dialog used to setup PDB symbol servers. The debug symbols page provides details on how to setup symbol servers.
  • Toggle filtering mode
    This button toggles the state of filtering (enabled/disabled). For more information on filtering visit the filtering page.
  • Toggle timeline graph visibility
    This button hides/shows the window with the timeline of memory usage. Detailed explanation of the timeline can be found on memory timeline page.
  • Toggle heaps / allocators visibility
    This button hides/shows the heaps / allocators window.
  • Toggle histogram visibility
    This button hides/shows the histogram window.
  • Toggle tag tree visibility
    This button hides/shows the tag tree window.
  • Toggle stack trace and source visibility
    This button hides/shows the window with stack trace and source code view. Read more about it on stack trace and source page.

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