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MTuner documentation

Welcome to MTuner documentation! Please find below the list of documentation sections along with their brief description.

  • Overview

    The overview section provides an introduction to MTuner, it’s features, system requirements and inner workings.

  • Getting started

    Discusses the basics of memory profiling and how to start using MTuner to profile your applications.

  • User interface

    This section provides detailed description of the user interface elements and their usage.

  • Command line usage

    This section discusses in detail how to use MTuner from command line and how to integrate it with your continuous integration solutions.

  • MTuner SDK

    Detailed documentation on instrumentation API that allows additional profiling options using MTuner SDK. Using the SDK it is possible to add custom time-based events, hierarchical memory tags and name heaps according to their use case. One example usage would be to have clear separation between CPU and GPU memory allocations.

  • Custom toolchains

    Describes how to use MTuner with custom GCC or Clang based toolchains and how to add support for additional platforms.

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